best colon cleansers

best colon cleansers

The are listed below. I provide some insights into why each is effective, their respective approach to colon cleansing, along with comparisons to help you identify a cleanse that suits you.

You’ll find do-it-yourself, homemade colon cleansers, as well as “off the shelf” products that do the job very well. Fortunately there are many to choose from so you will have no trouble finding the best colon cleansers to fit your needs at this time and your lifestyle.

Bentonite clay has the “pull power” that is 10 times as strong as Psyllium husk alone. When you combine Bentonite with psyllium you turbocharge your cleanse! Bentonite moves slowly through your digestive tract and psyllium helps speed it up. Together they pull toxins and waste from your colon.

Bentonite absorbs heavy metals, free radicals, pathogenic viruses, mold, herbicides and pesticides from within the body. Technically what’s happening is Bentonite is negatively charged while parasites and toxins are positively charged. So like a magnet it attracts the opposite charge and moves them out of the body! Impressive, huh.

Directions: take 1 tablespoon of Bentonite liquid & 1 teaspoon of psyllium. If you want an excellent source of psyllium take a look at this product. I actually use this as part of my daily diet, outside of an actual cleanse. It has been a godsend for me.

“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty, and so on to the organs and tissues.” Dr. Bernard Jensen

Keeping your colon clean is absolutely essential to long and healthy life. If the cleanse requires a more invasive approach (I use that word loosely) then a colonic is perfect. I’ve done several of them and felt a measurable difference immediately.

You require the colonic board or to see a health practitioner who can perform the hydrotherapy method and flush you out. Ok, I’ll relax the obvious puns for a minute… It is interesting to note that one of the more stunning women in Hollywood years ago did colonics regularly.

Mae West did daily colonics. Incredible isn’t it. Not many people are disciplined enough to do this daily yet once every few months is great. Most people do major cleanses in the spring and this is recommended. You can use the above Bentonite/Psyllium combination when doing the colonic. Combined there is no better colon cleanser you can do. It is thorough!

As mentioned, if you want a great sources of psyllium husk along with some beneficial herbs use this product. It is very inexpensive and will become part of your daily diet. There are great recipes too! I’ll add more to the list of the best colon cleansers as the site continues to expand.

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