TransMist Progesterone Spray is quickly absorbed into the skin and takenup by the fatty layer beneath. It is then transferred into the bloodstream, whereit circulates and stores throughout the body.

TransMist Progesterone Spray is quickly absorbed into the skin and takenup by the fatty layer beneath. It is then transferred into the bloodstream, whereit circulates and stores throughout the body.

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Your Hormonal Balance With Natural Progesterone Spray

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Hasn’t My Doctor Told Me

doesn’t know about natural hormones simply because

their use isn’t taught in medical school or promoted

by pharmaceutical companies. Because natural hormones

cannot be patented for the same reasons you can’t

patent natural air, water or vitamins, there’s little

or no incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to

spend the $200 million or more necessary to run all

the clinical trials and do all the paperwork to get

even one of these hormones approved by the Food and

drug industry to pay the enormous costs, the large

definitive studies that might demonstrate efficacy

better than competing drugs will never be done. Almost

all doctors see only the studies for the benefits

and risks of Premarin®, Provera® and other

pharmaceutical industry has conducted itself or underwritten.

"Your Transmist spray is so easy to use, just

a few sprays and that''s it!" — MM, California

the Difference Between Natural Progesterone and Synthetic

recognized authority on women’s health and healing,

and bestselling author of Womens Bodies, Women’s

Wisdom (Bantam Books, New York, 1994), and The

Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam Books, New York, 2001)

there are no side effects with natural progesterone

at the usual doses. Natural progesterone is a precursor

molecule that can be converted in the body to other

on the other hand, as found in Provera®, have

many known side effects including bloating, headache,

and weight gain. "Unfortunately, many women are

told their synthetic progestin is the same as progesterone.

But synthetic progestins can actually increase PMS

symptoms because taking a synthetic progestin decreases

the body’s natural progesterone levels," says

Dr. Northrup. Also, there is evidence that when synthetic

progesterone is used, it appears to increase the risk

And there’s a huge difference

economically. Man-made hormones not found in nature

are far more profitable for the pharmaceutical companies

than natural hormones because, unlike natural substances,

the Difference Between Natural Progesterone Cream

have to be carefully measured to make sure you’re

getting the right dose, and since you have to keep

opening the jar or tube, the cream can get contaminated.

TransMist Spray is an extremely convenient way to

deliver a precise dosage of 6 mg of natural progesterone

with each spray. TransMist contains the highest, pharmaceutical-grade

USP progesterone, blended in a vitamin E-rich transdermal

base. It’s simply the easiest and cleanest way to

easily absorbed where the skin is relatively thin

and soft, such as the face, neck, upper chest, breasts,

inner arms, abdomen, inner thighs, palms of the hands

and soles of the feet. Just be sure to alternate sites

so that the progesterone is absorbed into the fat

layer under the skin. If you apply it to the same

spot all the time, the fat will become saturated in

that area and you won’t get optimal absorption.

is the Recommended Dosage of Natural Progesterone?

use 12-24 mg/day (2-4 sprays) for 14 days before the

expected day of your period, stopping the day or so

before it begins. For example: Start using the spray

between days 12 to 15 and end on day 26 of the menstrual

cycle. For postmenopausal women and post-hysterectomy,

use 12-18 mg/day (2-3 sprays) for two weeks of the

month, and then discontinue for two weeks. Repeat

to mimic your pre-menopausal cycle. Since natural

progesterone doesn’t produce side effects, flexibility

"Each woman’s need varies, so you may have to

experiment to find a dose that works for you. Many

women are able to decrease their dosages over time

once their symptoms have been completely relieved.

It is more effective, however, to start out with dosages

that are on the high end of usual dosages and stay

and hormone replacement is clearly indicated, some

natural healthcare practitioners prefer to recommend

progesterone only, because it’s clearly anti-carcinogenic.

breast cancer from estrogen replacement therapy remains

controversial, the increased risk of endometrial cancer

is largely eliminated when a natural progesterone

is taken along with the estrogen.

Taiwan focused on forty premenopausal women who had

undergone a breast lumpectomy. Ten to 13 days before

surgery, the women were randomly assigned to apply

a topical gel containing either estradiol, progesterone,

estradiol plus progesterone, or a placebo each day.

When the researchers examined postsurgical breast

tissue from around the lump, they found increased

proliferation of breast epithelial cells in the samples

from the women who had used the estradiol-only gel

compared with the placebo. By contrast, cell proliferation

was significantly reduced in the tissue samples from

the women who had used either the estradiol/progesterone

.The study concluded that progesterone does not increase

the proliferation of normal epithelial breast tissue,

indicating that it doesn’t increase the proliferation

will TransMist Progesterone Spray Make Me Feel?

Do not use during pregnancy or during menstruation

if you typically have a heavy menstrual flow.

character, whose experience is typically representative

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the Symptoms of PMS, Menopause & More

160 sprays x 6 mg each • Now only $24.95[Add

... it’s made a terrific difference for

me. I don’t experience those long, depressed

days anymore. In fact, I look forward to

days during the month that I get to spray

on TransMist because it makes me feel so

much better! — Natalie Craig, Santa Rosa,

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