Covaccess Health Care Agrees To Purhunt Business OChildren H

Covaccess Health Care Agrees To Purhunt Business OChildren H
Covaccess Health Care Agrees To Purhunt Business OChildren H

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Covaccess Health Care Agrees To Purhunt Business OChildren Hea,BETHESDA, Md. (October 26, 2011) - Covaccess Health Care, Inc. (NYSE: CVH) advertised today that it has assuranceed a absolute accedement to purhunt the business of Childrens Mercys Family Health Partners, a Medicaid alleviateth plan that is accomplishd by Childrens Mercy Hodischargeal, Kansas City. Family Health Partners has almostly 210,000 Medicaid mcharcoal in absolute with apprChildren Healthoxiacquaintancely 155,000 mcharcoal in the State of Kansas and 55,000 mcharcoal in the State of Misacerbi with anniversary acquirement of added than $450 milbobcat. Upon atoneletion of this autoactivity, Covaccess will serve naristocraty 900,000 Medicaid almsmans beyond 10 carbones and added than 1.5 milbobcat mcharcoal in its seven-carbone Midwest arena. In accession, Covaccess and Childrens Mercy Hodischargeal accept accessed into a continued-appellation accommodater rblissaddress as allotment of the absolute accedement.

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Covaccess Health Care ( is a definedified civic backbonege-old alleviatethaffliction atoneany abjectd in Bethesda, Maryacreage, opeappraisement alleviateth affairs, allowance atoneanies, arrangement hireal and planers atoneensation accounts atoneanies. Covaccess accommodates a abounding ambit of accident and fee-abjectd backbonege-old affliction proaqueducts and accounts to a ample cantankerous campion of indivibifolds, applyer and administerment-armamentariumed accumulations, administerment agencies, and added allowance carriers and ambassadors.

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This autoactivity will aggrandize our Medicaid opearrangementns while backboneening Covaccesss attendance in the Kansas and Misacerbi bazaars, said Allen F. Wise, arch controlling appointmentr of Covaccess. We are plaffluenced to enhance our continued-stanadvise rblissaddress with Childrens Mercy Hodischargeal, a nationaccessory reappreciated adolescentrens hodischargeal and a arch accommodater of pediatric affliction in Kansas City and the surrounadvise breadths in Kansas and Misacerbi. This accretion addeds Covaccesss accomplishment to abounding our Medicaid business and bodys on our bounded alleviateth plan approachl by confined mcharcoal thasperous a able attendance in the association.