New Health Website Provides Health Tips About Alternative Natural Health Care - Articles & News About Health

New Health Website Provides Health Tips About Alternative Natural Health Care - Articles & News About Health

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New Health Website Provides Health Tips About Alternative Natural Health Care

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) January 21, 2008 -- In today''s world, many people have become disenchanted with traditional medicine, including traditional procedures and medications. With medication recalls occurring every few weeks, high costs, wait times and lawsuits cropping up over and over again due to drug side effects even death, there are many who are beginning to choose alternative methods of health care. While alternative natural health care is becoming a trend, there are still many people who are not very familiar with the topic, which is where a new website comes into play.

This new website is the brainchild of Mike Hepburn, a concerned baby boomer, and it was launched by Venture Quest Health Network, which is based out of Toronto, Canada. Hepburn developed the site with a vision to provide people with quality information about alternative natural health procedures that really work. There is a lot of information out there today, but this site has made it a goal to offer only the best information that has been proven to work.

While many of the alternative natural health care sites on the web today seem to be driven by advertisers who are pushing their own products to make money, this site does not accept paid advertising. The information provided comes from interviews with authors, professionals in the health care industry and feedback from members. While membership fees are charged by the site, a large part of the dues are actually given back to members through shipping and product subsidies.

A bi- monthly newsletter is being published by Hepburn to help keep members up to date on important alternative health care issues and news and a discussion board is available where members can ask their own questions. Informational articles, health tips, can be found, as well as ebooks regarding important issues related to alternative natural health.

For more information about alternative natural health care and this new website, visit or email Mike Hepburn at His helpful and informative blog can also be found at

Mike Hepburn has a background that includes research, printing, marketing, and a driving passion to help people improve their health. He plans in the future to travel to a variety of places across the world to find out how other countries deal with health issues and planet saving techniques especially to places that are being successful in their pursuits.

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