Help 6 week old breastfed?

Help 6 week old breastfed?

I have been pumping and bottle feeding my baby but at nights I breastfeed him because its easier and I love when he crawls up with me and goes to sleep. However lately I have been mixing formula with breastmilk because iam planning on stop breastfeeding. Well as of today I stopped pumping. I broke my pump last night so that kinda made the decision final for me but I do have LOTS of frozen breastmilk so I will continue to mix. However just now as we were trying to put him to sleep he was really fussy. I feed him wrapped him, changed him and he was still fussy. So I tried to give him a bottle of only breastmilk he wouldn’t take it. And he was really fussy, he is never like this. I took a xanax tonight knowing I would no longer pump that was about 9am. So I did my research and read it was ok to breastfed after one dose of xanax and besides I took it 4 hrs before. So I put him on my boob he drank for litterly under 1 minute.(So I’m not worried about the xanax) put his face on my boob and went to sleep. So I know from now on I will not take the xanax until he is pass this stage but my question is if I stop pumping my milk is obviously gong to dry up but here and there through out the day I give him the boob. So first question is: since he will only be breastfeeding here and there AND I’m not pumping every 3 hrs will my milk dry up and will he still be able to get his little bit of milk at night? Now don’t try to get me to continue pumping and breastfeeding I have chose to stop due to the fact that I take vicodin due to a car accident and I know many including my peditrican tried to convince me that it is ok. I did take it through out my pregnancy but I don’t feel comfortable keep giving my baby narcotics. Iam also prescribed Xanax which I have only taking 3 times including today and I waited 7hrs to pump (since it was my husband night the baby was bottle feed) I also don’t eat healthy even though I do try. There are days that I won’t eat all day until 10pm but still take vicodin which means my baby is getting more narcotics the nutritions. ( The vics make me lose appetiate) so under certain circumstances I do not believe breastmilk is best. But for the mean time until I can get him use to not sucking on the breast at night, which will take a couple of days will I hav any milk in my breast at night or will it all just dry up (I will still allow him to suck my breast at night. I will try not to but if he is very fussy I will give it to him) so will I have milk left?? Thank you

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From what I understand everyone’s ablility to produce and how much they produce is different. To me, it sound like he just like’s to lay aganist your breast for comfort more than hunger since he didn’t suck more than a min. Maybe hearing your heartbeat put’s him to sleep. I would just continue to give him the bottle and get him all ready for bed like you said you did and if he’s still fussy just try laying him on your chest to fall asleep. Good luck.

Your body will remember the times of day/night when your breasts are being drank from, and will produce just enough for those times after about a week. Thats the best way to wean your child, as gradually as possible, so they dont feel sad and neglected. I am only breastfeeding my son his morning meal right now, and will be completely stoppped within a week or so, I’ve been giving him less breastmilk every 3 days, so he doesn’t fuss too much at the bottle (has a chance to get used to it before being cut off from the close mommy snuggle while he eats).

(I do still cuddle him- but they seem to prefer face to chest- if he is really fussy, give him a soother in the breastfeeding position and rock him to sleep after a meal, works every time for my son!)

I think you were very smart to make your own decision to stop breast feeding because of your situation with narcotics. Doctors are not always right. Your milk should continue to adjust to the amount you are nursing. If it were me I would hold him close and give him a bottle till he didn’t want any more and if he still needed something I would give him a pacifier. Sucking is a basic need for a baby. Try not to use it past 3 mos. though. And try to use it only when he really needs it. It can be a wonderful tool.

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